SPS Academy

SPS Academy is located in a local village in Kitui-Kenya. This is the first project Elimisha has funded.

The founder of the school, Pastor George Mbuvi, reached out to Elimisha’s founder (Peter Kyalo) in 2013 when the population of the school was around 70 students. A majority of these students are orphans, who lost their parents to Malaria, Typhoid Fever, HIV & AIDS. The existing school (shown in photos below) was an unstable structure made of metal sheets. The structure provided little protection from extreme weather. In the summer heat, the metal materials created unbearably hot conditions for those inside. Pastor Mbuvi asked for Peter’s help.

Through the support of the Kyalo family and Elimisha’s efforts, a new school has been built. Attendance has rapidly grown. The people of Kitui-Kenya named the new school SPS Academy, after a retail tech company in Minneapolis where Peter and several other Elimisha board members work. Though the school is not corporate sponsored and has no formal relationship to SPS Commerce, the village chose to use the name as a symbol of gratitude and appreciation to the employees who helped out.

We are actively seeking help to hire qualified teachers, cover operational costs, and build safe latrines.

Through your help, we can provide a pleasant learning environment thus greatly help these kids get a better education. As a result, we will be able to eliminate child labor, subdue teenage pregnancy and ultimately promote education within the village.

“Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

Old school (photo taken in 2015)

Newly built SPS Academy (photo taken 2017)

Elimisha founder Peter Kyalo taking a photo with students during a 2017 visit. Peter brought soda and bread, a rare treat for the students.

Though the school is complete, there’s still much more to do. We hope you will help us continue to improve the quality of life for these children!

Help us educate and inspire future generations in Africa.